One sweaty hand on me
they toss me around
trying to get what is called a first down.

With a 19, 24,
27 they yell
hoping this time all the movements will gel.

The next thing I know
I’m flying through the air
I’m sure to land but I know not yet where.

I start my descent
with a few players around
but this time – ouch – I land on the ground.

They walk me back
to the same starting line
somehow confident they’ll get it this time.

I hear them all clap
and walk to formation
knowing this is being viewed by the nation.

With the clock ticking down
three numbers are called out
but the fans are so loud he really has to shout.

He fakes left – right –
and left once again
realizing it’s the end and it’s 4th down and 10.

Suddenly he launches
right down the center
and we hear a loud gasp from the TV presenter.

The audience is on their feet
too nervous to breathe
although some get up to take an early leave.

I soar so far
and I start to drop
as I see a player who has been running non-stop.

He reaches out his arms
and in his hands I land
and I hear them yell “touchdown” as they strike up the band.

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