Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting
waiting for the room.

Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting
in the waiting room.

Why so late
for the date
I made 2 weeks ago?

You could’ve phoned
or even postponed
I wouldn’t have said no.

Instead I’m stuck
out of luck
here where the germs loom;

waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting
in the waiting room.

One Response to “Waiting…”

  1. Rob Zamites says:

    I feel the pain.

    “if you are 5 minutes late for your scheduled appointment, you will be billed and have to reschedule.”

    Yet, I arrive 20 minutes early, and am not even seen by the ‘medical assistant’ for my blood pressure until 30 minutes after I’m scheduled. Perhaps a reverse billing cycle is in order?


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