Flag Bandit

Who would dare do                                 But on the next night
the flag switcheroo?                              my green was back in the starlight.

I came out of my house                            Where had it been,
and squealed like a mouse.                        my “S” from the Big Ten?

Upon the sight                                    Then came a walkin’
that gave me fright.                              a lady who was talkin’.

I looked for my green                             “Some kids think they’re funny
but blue was to be seen.                          but they don’t know THIS honey!”

I felt like a fool                                She found my green blowing
but I kept my cool                                while she was out mowing.

I took the blue down                              She knew she had been wronged
and looked about town.                            and put it back where it belonged.

No green was to be had                            Her hopes then grew
and I was getting mad.                            as I returned her maize and blue.

I couldn’t stand it,                              But do we know whodunnit?
I was took by the flag bandit.                    Far from it!