Head Pin

Head pin,
yes you,
as I roll down…

the lane,
it’s true,
you start to frown.

One step
two steps
three steps four…

back swing
and I’m on the floor.

Towards the gutter
I go
to the right…

another zero,
uh oh,
it’s not looking bright.

But wait a second,
hold on,
can it be?

Back to the left
I go
faster than a flea.

The lane is greasy,
I’m shiny,
and spinning your way…

head pin
here I come
it’s not your day.

You wobble
one way
and then the other…

down you go
taking with you
nine of your brothers.

Strike for me
this time
I’ll do a little dance…

next frame
I’ll do the same
can’t leave it up to chance.

Before then
I’ll rest a bit
and let the others play…

but when I’m up,
head pin,
I’m headed your way!