The Bug in the Rug and the Pug

Who gets the cracker
crumbs from the snacker,
the ones the dogs can’t get at?

For there is a bug
deep down in the rug,
he’s small and wears a little hat.

He loves his life fine
for he eats all the time,
from chips to chocolate ice cream;

from morsels of cake
to pieces of steak
and everything in-between.

He eats pieces of toast,
which he likes most,
but he is not at all picky;

he also gets sweets
when the kids get treats
and those can be quite sticky.

He has gotten a bit fat
and can’t wear his hat
and the house just got a new pup;

they got a little pug
who saw the bug in the rug
and one day licked him up!

The Bug in the Rug and the Pug