Xmas Eve

“Better put the fire out,”
little Billy had to shout
at his father in the other room,

or else there will be no cars or trains
no stuffed teddy bears
and no board games,

no trolls
or dolls
or houses with walls (not even ones without them).

“They’ll all disappear,”
but Billy’s father didn’t hear
as they headed off to bed,

while thoughts of building blocks,
not those of socks,
danced in his little head.

So off to sleep they went
while the flames weren’t quite spent
and as they stayed a light,

one could faintly hear
jingle bells come near
as it was almost midnight.

He got to Billy’s house
as quite as a mouse
ready to suck in his gut,

it was unlucky he did
for down Santa slid
where he burned his butt!